Are you serious about the success of your business?  I am.  The Anastasi Law Firm services are designed for the start-up, sole proprietor, entrepreneur, small business, emerging and established enterprises.  You can be assured the 29 years of business lawyer experience will be applied to provide you with the most cost effective and reasonable solution available.  The Anastasi Law Firm provides proactive legal services designed for asset protection of business owners, their company and individuals.

Pascal Anastasi of the Anastasi Law Firm is experienced in both business management and business law; it’s a real plus for his clients.  Starting your business is an exciting process, but also one of great challenge; there are so many laws. Anastasi brings focus, direction and solid advice to the start-up table.  Take the “legal” burden off of yourself; focus on your talents.

It is important to make sure your company is structured in the best business entity for your needs and protection.  Make sure it is done right.  Anastasi Law Firm has worked with hundreds of clients and has completed thousands of business contracts and transactions.  Experience counts.

California’s greatest business litigation risk exists with the workforce of the business itself.  Employment law matters are governed by California, Federal and local laws; there are thousands and they are changing numerous time during each year.  Full compliance is required, but honestly, it is nearly impossible.  Anastasi Law Firm works closely with business owners to minimize the risks of litigation through proactive planning and structuring.

In business owners, personal asset protection is critical.  Entrepreneurs have worked too hard to put their personal assets at risk.  In the State of California, the legal risks are high.  Anastasi Law Firm has worked with many clients to minimize the risks through lawful asset protection devices.  Anastasi Law Firm General Counsel services, essentially a part-time general counsel, is designed provide on-demand business and asset protection, legal services on a flat monthly rate.

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