Asset Protection

The Anastasi Law Firm provides proactive legal services designed for asset protection of business owners and their company.

Asset Protection

Asset protection in business is very important since the risks associated with doing business in the State of California are high.  Anastasi Law Firm has worked with many clients to minimize the risks through lawful asset protection devices.

  • Insurance: Insurance is always the first step in asset protection.  There are insurance products for general business operational needs as well as many specialized insurance products designed for needs not covered by the basic business policy.  Anastasi Law Firm can work closely with the client and its insurance representative to make sure that adequate coverage is obtained to address the risks and exposure of the particular client enterprise.
  • Incorporation & LLC: When properly formed and maintained, a corporation or limited liability company can be an excellent source of personal asset protection.  The entity’s assets may be at risk, but the personal assets of the shareholders can be protected in most situations.  Most asset protection entities are best formed in States other than California.
  • Asset Protection Trusts: Asset protection trusts are legal devices designed to protect the personal assets of individuals and business owners.  When properly formed and implemented in a timely manner, the asset protection trust can be a powerful tool in situations where the risk potentials are high and other means of managing those risks cannot be reasonably achieved.  An asset protection trust is irrevocable and sometimes should not be created if the circumstances on the date of creation are problematic.  Asset protection trusts can be domestic (USA) or foreign, a.k.a. off-shore trusts.  Domestic Asset Protection Trusts are rarely formed, governed and maintained in the State of California; only a few States have “good law”.
  • Legal Review: One of the easiest ways to protect the assets of the business and the owners is to obtain good legal counsel before entering into a transaction.  We have hundreds of “war stories” that all have the some underlying message; if only the client had first discussed the matter with their attorney….  The 29 years of experience of Anastasi Law Firm adds tremendous value to the counsel of its clients.  The cost to prevent risk is often relatively insignificant as compared to the very high cost to fix or address a transactional failure and problem.

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