Business Contracts

The Anastasi Law Firm with its 29 years of real life business law experience will be applied to provide you with the most cost effective and reasonable solution available.

Real business is competitive, challenging, risky and beyond the ability of many lawyers to truly understand.  Having an experienced business lawyer with the ability to recognize, anticipate, and create solutions for your business needs and issues is a competitive advantage.  Pascal Anastasi is a business lawyer with five years of real, in the trenches, experience in business.


The best way to make sure one does not have a misunderstanding in the future is to make sure there is a very clear understanding at the beginning of a the transaction.  A contract does not have to be a hundred pages of incomprehensible legalese.  Anastasi prepares clear, concise, short and intelligible agreements that meet the true and important needs of the client.  Often, an oral or implied agreement works fine 95% of the time.  It’s that 5% that can make the life very difficult for business owners, and in some cases, horribly expensive.  The Anastasi Law Firm works closely with its clients to ensure that every relationship and transaction of significance is addressed with essential contractual terms.  The firm’s 29 years of business law experience translates into thousands of contracts that have been reviewed and drafted to protect their client’s interests.

These include agreements for:

  • Professional and personal service contracts for all industries – from accountants to building contractors.
  • Sale of goods and products agreements for everything from diamonds to high technology products.
  • Vendor agreements establishing relationships of B2B.
  • Leases for business equipment and real estate (office, commercial, retail and industrial properties).
  • Commercial and Private Loans, both secured and unsecured
  • Business Purchases & Sales representing and protecting both sellers and buyers
  • Non-disclosure (NDA) to protect trade secrets and other confidential information.

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